About Us

 CG Web Solutions

  With over 10 years of combined experience, we are looking forward to serving our Customers for a long time to come. We have the “we can do anything you want” mentality and will not stop at anything to please our customers. We feel that no request is too large or small, and if we do not know how to do it, we will take the time to figure it out.

CG Web Solutions is continuously expanding our services. We offer an array of affordable hosting solutions that  run on reliable Dell PowerEdge Servers with Dual Core Xeon Processors. We also offer quality eBay services for Florence and Darlington areas where we will do all the eBay work for you. You contact us, we pick up the product, take the photos, list the product, sell the product, and mail YOU a check! We now have a professional eBay template builder with free eBay templates which will save you $ on your eBay fees by using our server, and not eBay's.

Aaron Chalifoux

  Francis Marion University

  B.S. in Computer Science

  Seven (7) years Webmaster experience

  Eight (8) years web development/design experience

  Eight (8) years of database management experience

Bill Gioldasis 843.245.2791

  Francis Marion University

  B.S. in Computer Science

  Webster University--Masters in Computer Science

  Six (6) years web development experience

  Six (6) years of database management experience