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Check out the YouTube fee and then see some basic eBay tips below that should help you improve your chances of selling your item.

  1. USE HTML - HTML will help you sell your item!  
    • HTML from the Pros! -
    • Use HTML & Image Hosting together to CUT COST!
      • Cut cost by not paying eBay to host all of your hosting your images somewhere else, you don't have to use eBay's server you don't get charged. Try our new Free eBay Template Builder and get free image hosting!
      • Use templates that will allow you to upload your images for cheaper (and larger images) and create custom html code for you that you can cut/paste into eBay html code page. ...try out new Template Builder and get 3 images free!
    • Be very descriptive
      • The better you are when describing your ebay item, the more hits your item will receive.
      • List your item under multiple categories
      • Set starting price low to attract more bidders
    • Photos
      • Use as many photos as possible
      • Make sure your photos can be seen up close possibly by clicking on the photos

- eBay Help from CG Web Solutions
Are you having problems getting your HTML to show up properly (all you see is code), ever wonder how to protect your images and more. Check out this page for some help to some common eBay questions.

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